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The Story



The label "Poncho Company" was founded in 2010 in Davos by Sabina Fuchs. The products are distinguished by their high quality, unique style, and high-quality materials. The ponchos were designed for a stylish, trendy and casual lifestyle.



Sabina grew up in Basel, and as the daughter of a Swiss father and a Dutch-German-Canadian mother, she soon had the desire to discover the world.

Sabina traveled all over the world for over two decades, collected countless experience and got to know foreign cultures and exceptional people. This variety of impressions significantly characterizes her style of design and lifestyle.

The idea to venture into something new came during a time of radical personal changes. The Poncho Company was founded through her urge to commit entirely to her visual perception and sense for style.

From then on, Sabina only focused on her strengths and passions. She began to design the first collection, searched for suppliers all around the world and made her hobby, which is photography, a part of her vocation.

Today, Sabina is everywhere around the world looking for new sensations, colors and designs to create and offer new, beautiful products.


YOGA—is a way of life. Sabina: "My need to find beauty in the essential and to express it can be wonderfully combined with Yoga".


DAVOS—the love of Sabinas husband took her to the Bündner mountain world. Davos is an Alpine metropolis—a nature idyll and pulsating holiday city, a traditional and liberal-minded congress city—Davos is a town and country in one. Sabina: "I like the mix, and it fits my lifestyle and the Poncho Company."


SIMPLICITY—is Sabina's mantra. To recognize the essential and to limit herself to it is a passion and attitude at the same time. Sabina: "I love to travel light." This lightness gives her the necessary space for creativity and inspiration and the basis for the spirit and the philosophy behind the Poncho Company.











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